Finance Council

Our Finance Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Conference Room.

Finance Council Members  

Shaun Magill  -   Co-President  -  515-205-3934  -  email

Dave Pottebaum  -   Co-President  -  515-710-8932  - email

Doug Jones  -  515-367-4402   -  email

Laurie Phelan -  515-201-6111  -  email
Rita McClain  -  515-249-6841 -   email

Sue Tollefson - 515 208-0536  -  email


Auto Debit for Tithing

You are encouraged to consider using the convenient service of automatic withdrawal from your bank account for your tithing. This method is a simple and practical way to consistently tithe. You designate a specific amount of money to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on a monthly basis on a pre-determined date. Questions? Contact Peter Relyea, parish bookkeeper, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday mornings, 515-367-2685 or [email protected]               Click here for ACH form.