Finance Council

Our Finance Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Conference Room.

Finance Council Members  

Shaun Magill  -   Co-President  -  515-205-3934  -  email

Dave Pottebaum  -   Co-President  -  515-710-8932  - email

Doug Jones  -  515-367-4402   -  email

Laurie Phelan -  515-201-6111  -  email
Rita McClain  -  515-249-6841 -   email

Sue Tollefson - 515 208-0536  -  email


Financial Status of the Parish


Members of the Finance Council will be providing a report on the financial status of the parish at each of the Masses the weekend of September 29/30. Please email Shaun Magill, shaunkrismagill@, in advance any questions or suggestions that you would like addressed by the Council.


Auto Debit for Tithing

You are encouraged to consider using the convenient service of automatic withdrawal from your bank account for your tithing. This method is a simple and practical way to consistently tithe. You designate a specific amount of money to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on a monthly basis on a pre-determined date. Questions? Contact Peter Relyea, parish bookkeeper, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday mornings, 515-367-2685 or prelyea@               Click here for ACH form.