Finance Council

Our Finance Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Conference Room.

Finance Council Members  
Dave Pottebaum  -   President  -  515-710-8932  - email 

Heidi Ackerman - 641-203-5322 - email

Doug Jones  -  515-367-4402   -  email

Rita McClain  -  515-249-6841 -   email

Laurie Phelan -  515-201-6111  -  email
Sue Tollefson - 515 208-0536  -  email


If you currently use automatic withdrawal for your tithing, thank you! Might you be able to increase your monthly amount? 

If you don’t use automatic withdrawal from your bank for tithing, please consider it.  This method is a simple and practical way to consistently tithe. You designate a specific amount of money to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on a monthly basis on a pre-determined date. Questions? Contact Sarah Baumberger, parish bookkeeper by email .

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Update  --  July 28, 2019

Thank you all for your increased interest and support for the work on Capital Improvements of SMHC buildings and grounds. Occasionally the Council will share information on the progress and plans for improvements specific to the financial needs for these efforts. We welcome your thoughtful input and engagement. Current updates include:


1.  The HVAC at Holy Cross has been successfully installed and helping parishioners have a "cool" feeling these very hot days.  Thank you all for helping to make this a reality!


2. As mentioned in the June 16 & 23 bulletin, second collections will begin once per month that will be specifically designated for Capital Improvements. Updates on the balance funds secured will be listed in the bulletin.


Thank you for your prayerful and generous investments in your parish.


June 16, 2019

 SMHC Parish: Capital Improvements

      Several weeks ago now the Finance Council shared with you their strategic intention to begin directing funds toward Capital Improvements in the parish. There are some immediate structural needs to address and some items will be addressed in the not too distant future. We will be forming a capital assessment committee to build out a list of potential items to address and begin to collect estimates. That information will help with prioritization and guide funding options.

      The Finance Council determined that the first and most immediate need is at Holy Cross. The furnace is 22 years old and has begun to fail. Adding an air conditioning unit to the furnace installation was taken into consideration based on price and the long term impact for the parish and building. Input from parishioners was requested and taken into consideration.

      The council is charged to be responsible stewards of parishioner donations and as such decisions are not made quickly. To that end, the following items were key factors of the final decision related to the consideration of an HVAC at Holy Cross:

    1. Long Term Responsibility: Current needs as well as long term use of the church beyond 8:00 AM Sunday Mass were discussed. Additionally, helping to assure the viability of the Holy Cross Church in the long term was taken into account.

    2. Financial Responsibility: The cost to purchase the HVAC is not a drain on operational expenses of the parish as a dedicated fund was previously established for building and grounds. Second collections and private donations have been used to help build a fund for Capital Improvements. There are funds on hand to support the purchase of the HVAC. Additionally, the bid being considered from Bell Brothers offers a generous price for dual instillation of a furnace and air conditioning unit.

    3. Impact of Parishioners: There is no harm to parishioners or the church building by adding the option of air conditioning at Holy Cross.

      After mindful and prayerful consideration, the decision was made to notify Bell Brothers that their bid will be accepted. Thank you all for your input on these conversations. Together we are all responsible for ensuring the buildings and grounds of the parish are well maintained places for worship for generations that follow us. Stay tuned, more conversations on capital improvements will be coming. Please contact the finance council if you have ideas, see needs, and/or want to engage in the efforts.

     Sincerely,               The SMHC Finance Council