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About Us

Saint Mary - Holy Cross Parish is a welcoming Catholic community dedicated to celebrating God's word and Sacrament and connecting people to Jesus Christ through faith, prayer and ministry.

WELCOME to Saint Mary - Holy Cross Parish.  On behalf of the entire Parish, thank you for joining us and know that we look forward to sharing with you in faith.  Your presence and gifts will make us an even richer parish community.  The most important concern of the Parish is to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.  The central action of the Parish is our weekly gatherings to celebrate the Eucharist, which sends us out to serve in the name of Christ.  Parishioners worship at either of our two worship sites.  St. Mary's Church is in the town of Elkhart, and Holy Cross Church is located eight miles east of  Elkhart, near Farrar.  Religious Education classes for all Parish Families are held at St. Mary's.  The staff and I will do all we can to make your transition to the Parish as smooth and pleasant as possible.  Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you, either in person, by email or phone.     - Fr. Ross Parker  /  515-367-2685  /  515-720-3434

Become a member of our Parish Community

Please complete the registration form.  

Or, if you prefer CLICK HERE for the paper registration form that can be printed and then mailed to the parish office or dropped in the collection basket. 

We hope you become involved in our Parish community. 

Click here for our Parish Time and Talent Form to fill out

and return to the Parish Office. 

Thank you for making our parish better by being involved! 

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