Parish Council

The Parish Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except December), at 6:30pm in the Social Hall.

Parish Council Election Results


The election results are in and tallied. We had a good turn out at the polls! There was only a few votes difference between the 2nd and 3rd place candidates. With the following factors in mind:

-only a few votes separated the 2nd and 3rd place finishers (please see results below

-the parish council originally had 7 members and having an odd number on any advisory board is seen as a good thing to avoid 'tie' votes

 -there was still some confusion on the voting process (some ballots were filled out incorrectly)

-the fact that the council hopes to keep moving forward and create stronger parish unity

The council and Father decided to invite the top three finishers to serve on the council.  All three have accepted and they are: Drew Hanlon, Terri Hamm, Lisa Schoening. We welcome you to the council!

Election results: 172 Ballots Submitted. Here is the breakdown of the voting by candidate.


David:    11.7%

Terri:     19.0%

Drew:    38.9%

Lisa:      18.1%

Mike:     12.3%


A big thank you to all those that ran and everyone that voted.  It is great to see this level of parish participation.




Parish Council Members

Terri Hamm - Email

Drew Hanlon - Email

Doug Jones Email

Tammi McClain -  Email

Larry Sauer -  Email

Lisa Schoening - Email

Celia Shedd -  Email