People come from many different backgrounds and levels of belief to learn more about the Catholic way of life.  Some may have extensive experience with the Church through the influence of a spouse or child, a grandparent or a friend.  Others have been attracted through the witness of Catholics in their daily life or through a service offered in a time of need.  Some have little experience of connection with the church, but have a yearning or longing that nothing else has satisfied.  All are welcomed into an inquiry community where they may ask questions, discuss experiences and discover more about who we are as Catholic people. If you, or someone you know, want to learn more about the Catholic way of life, please contact Fr. Andrew Windschitl, Fr.andrew@saintmaryhc.org or 515-367-2685. Participation in the inquiry sessions does not require you to commit to joining the Church.  We ask only that you be open to learning more about God, the Catholic tradition and yourself.