Music Ministry

Sue Schmidt,  Music Coordinator


Calling all songbirds - let your voice be heard. You are warmly invited to join the SMHC parish adult Christmas Eve choir. The first practice will be Sunday, November 10, immediately after 10:00am Mass. Practices will be every Sunday morning after Mass through December, 22, except no practice on December 1, and will last for one hour. The adult choir also welcomes young adults in 6th-12th grades and college students are welcome to join practices whenever they are available. If you enjoy singing, please consider joining our choir as we sing praises on this most holy day. Please contact me if you would like to join.


There has been a call for a funeral choir.   We are looking for several people who are available during the day to sing.  This would not be a huge time commitment and it means so much to the families.  Please contact me if you'd be willing to help with this.                                                                                                      


We have a "Drum Box."  This provides rhythm for our contemporary music.  We are looking for people who'd be willing to play it.   Please contact me and I'll have it ready to try out and will have more info on how to play it.  If you know of someone that might be interested, please let me know.  This will really add a lot to our worship!


The St. Mary-Holy Cross choir is composed of members who show a talent and/or interest in sung prayer.

The cantor is a Parish member/s who lead the responsorial psalms and acclamations.  Alone, they provide music at one of our weekend Masses each week.

Keyboardists, pianists, organists, woodwind players, percussionists and guitarists are among our instrumental players.  They provide their own type of prayer through instrumental arrangements of musical works.

Thanks so much to our Liturgy Committee, cantors, pianists/organists/guitarists that sing and play at Mass.  You are all wonderful!  We really and truly appreciate all you do for our Liturgies. Bless you all!