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Music Ministry


We welcome Emma DeVries (incoming college freshman) to our group of talented accompanists. Emma will play occasionally as it works for her college schedule. She is the niece of Tim & Geneveve Loraditch and comes with a wealth of church piano experience. Please welcome her! 

Also, please welcome Mary Snyder as a new substitute accompanist. She is a regular visitor to SM & HC Masses and will play for us as needed on a substitute basis. Mary has many years experience as a church music director and accompanist and we're very grateful to have her share her talents with our music ministry! Be sure to give her a warm welcome.  

Sue Schmidt,  Music Coordinator   515-689-9949 

The St. Mary-Holy Cross choir is composed of members who show a talent and/or interest in sung prayer.

The cantor is a Parish member/s who lead the responsorial psalms and acclamations.  Alone, they provide music at one of our weekend  Masses each week.

Keyboardists, pianists, organists, woodwind players, percussionists and guitarists are among our instrumental players.  They provide their own type of prayer through instrumental arrangements of musical works.



Sing for Joy.png

Thanks so much to our cantors, pianists/organists/guitarists

that sing and play at Mass. 

You are all wonderful! 

We really and truly appreciate

all you do for our Liturgies.

Bless you all!

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