Outside Our Parish

See Diocesan events at www.dmdiocese.org and offerings sponsored by St. Joseph Ed Center at www.sjeciowa.org.

Emmaus House

Please join us for Mass every Tuesday & Thursday at noon. 

We have resumed in-person spiritual direction at our new facility. Please contact us to inquire or schedule an appointment. Spiritual direction will remain available via Zoom or phone as well for those preferring to meet virtually.

Are you looking for a quiet space to spend time in prayer and reflection? Please contact us to reserve use of our new day-retreat rooms. Reservations available beginning October 1st.

Emmaus House Website

Please Note: We continue to monitor the ongoing pandemic. Although not required, the CDC and diocesan recommendations 

are to wear masks to in-person gatherings. We will do our best to social distance as well. 

As these recommendations change, we will keep you up to date.

Civilize It Iowa
Do you want to help heal the divisions we see in our country? If so, check out Civilize It Iowa, a diocesan campaign that is inviting all of us to pray, fast, and give alms for the sake of charity in your own hearts, and in our country. To check out this simple invitation to pursue holiness in our own lives, and charity in our country, visit civilizeitiowa.com .