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Emmaus House


Session 1:  Feb 5th (7:00 to 9:00 P.M.)          Session 2:  Feb 6th (9:00 to 11:30 A.M.) 

Both sessions will be held on Zoom, and it is helpful to attend both sessions, as the second will build upon the first. 

Presenter: Victoria Gloe

Self-care is an act of love, a way of entering into the invitation to love, not only God and others, but also ourselves. 

It is a way of living as the Beloved, and tenderly receiving that which is needed in order to continue serving others and the world.

Self-care does not need to be heroic or demanding, but can be gently experienced through our simple, daily human needs and rhythms. Join us as we reflect on a few areas of life that can be received as opportunities for restorative and compassionate self-care and renewing God's love and life within.

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A reminder that all Emmaus House events are offered virtually. If you have family or friends who live outside 

the Des Moines area, these virtual retreats afford a wonderful opportunity to invite them to participate!

We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks at one or more of these virtual retreats!

We continue to offer the three weekly virtual offerings below. 

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Centering Prayer

Guided Prayerful Meditation

Reflecting on our Experience

CYC Registration Open

Catholic Youth Camp is going to be exciting this year! Campers will see new cabins, a renovated Dingman Lodge and increased number of staff for enhanced safety precautions. We’re planning for the most amazing summer ever! Camp is open to 3rd-12th graders. For more information and to register, please go to stmcenter.com. Our Parish will contribute $100 of the fee to CYC for each child of our Parish who attends. Please notify Barb in the office when you have registered your child. 


This is a three-day weekend retreat for high school seniors to step out of the hectic nature of their last semester for a relaxing and prayerful experience that prepares them to be more fully rooted in Christ as they go forth from the lives they've come to know so well. "Radix" is Latin for "root". It is important for us to pay special attention to the foundations, or roots, of our faith. Seniors will be given the chance to focus on these roots and ways to nourish those that are leading them deeper in love with Jesus Christ, while pruning away those that are not.


Registration is now available for this March 5 – 7 retreat at St. Thomas More Center. It begins at 5:30pm on Friday and ends at 4:00pm on Sunday. All necessary COVID protocol will be followed during this retreat. Go to www.dmdiocese. org/Radix to register or for more information. Financial assistance is available. 

Civilize It Iowa
Do you want to help heal the divisions we see in our country? If so, check out Civilize It Iowa, a diocesan campaign that is inviting all of us to pray, fast, and give alms for the sake of charity in your own hearts, and in our country. To check out this simple invitation to pursue holiness in our own lives, and charity in our country, visit civilizeitiowa.com .