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If you are, or someone you know is, in need of assistance due to restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic, please contact the parish office. We will do our best to match your needs to our resources. Also, if you are willing to help in some way, please email Barb. 

Holy Cross can only accommodate about half the number of parishioners typically attending Mass so those parishioners have been divided into two groups by last name. Group #1 includes last name beginning with A-I. Group #2 includes last name beginning with J-Z.   Parishioners are invited to attend Mass at St. Mary on their off week.   Thank you for your understanding.

July 19:  Group # 2 last name J-Z 
July 26:  Group # 1 last names A-I
July 19:  Group # 2 last name J-Z

From Fr. Andrew:         

Greetings, again, everyone.

For about half of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is portrayed as an itinerant preacher with a reputation for being direct.  This Sunday, he seems to suddenly change his approach.  Now he teaches truths indirectly through stories, also known as parables.  If you were to ask someone why they think he made this change, the answer would probably often be that it is easier for the listener to understand since the truth is more relatable.  But by adding that veil, so to speak, does it not make the truth harder to grasp?  It is Jesus' way of getting us to think more, which we would not be needed if he teaches directly.  We can place ourselves in this particular parable and evaluate our reaction to God's bestowal of grace.  Have we rejected it at times?  Have we received it then let it go by the wayside?  Have we received it then let other things distract us?  What great things have we done with it to serve God and neighbor?

While at Holy Cross the other day, I saw the statue of St. Isidore, the patron of farmers.  I remembered that we do well to invoke him in our prayer on a regular basis, especially in this time when it is so dry.

From the treatise On the Mysteries by St. Ambrose, bishop:

"Consider now which is the more excellent: the bread of angels or the flesh of Christ, which is indeed the body that gives life.  The first was manna from heaven, the second is above the heavens.  One was of heaven, the other is of the Lord of the heavens; one subject to corruption if it was kept till the morrow, the other free from all corruption, for if anyone tastes of it with reverence he will be incapable of corruption.  For our fathers, water flowed from the rock; for you, blood flows from Christ.  Water satisfied their thirst for a time; blood cleanses you for ever.  The Jew drinks and still thirsts, but when you drink you will be incapable of thirst.  What happened in symbol is now fulfilled in reality."

 From the Diocese:  Regathering for Mass

          This document outlines the general guidelines for Phases 2 and 3.    Note:  Currently the maximum number of participants for phase 3 is 100 people, not 50 as stated within this document. 

It needs be said again that the Sunday Mass obligation remains suspended, and that vulnerable persons and those who interact with them do well to stay home, even as this poses a continued sacrifice on their part. Please await your own parish’s resumption of Masses.  Practicing these self-disciplines is a grace-filled act of charity for others, who equally hunger for our Eucharistic Lord.  This discernment tool  is a regular reminder to all of us of our need to be honest with ourselves about our health status and our need to be charitable toward others.

For the latest please go to https://www.dmdiocese.org/resources/worship/coronavirus .

                                               A New Way to Tithe!

Our parish has been looking into offering online giving and we are currently able to offer this opportunity through the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa. They have provided all parishes with a secure link: https://catholicfoundationiowa.org/make-a-donation/parishes-and-schools-relief/. Using the drop down menu, you can choose our parish (St. Mary/Holy Cross Parish - Elkhart) and make your donation. Contributions made through this platform will be treated as tithes to our parish. There are no fees associated with this, so ALL of your donation will go to our parish.  The Foundation will send all gift acknowledgement letters.

Holding Tiny Hands, a nonprofit run by parishioners Bob and Susan Selby, is asking for volunteers to make masks for parents of preemies and other critically ill infants in the neonatal intensive care units of Blank and Mercy.  If you are able to help, please use these instructions with specifications When you are finished please reach out to Susan Selby by phone or email to arrange for pickup, 515-441-0324 or susan@holdingtinyhands.orgSusan is also happy to answer any questions that you may have.   


The link below leads to the diocesan website and Bishop Joensen's communication about the virus and a lot of other information. 


Holy Mary, Comfort of Sick. Pray for Us. 

~ St. Mary’s Church is open for private prayer.   

~ Fr. Andrew is celebrating our regular weekday and weekend Mass schedule. You are strongly encouraged to wear a mask to weekend Liturgies.

~ Fr. Andrew is resuming Reconciliation from 4:00-4:30pm on Saturdays at St. Mary, but will be in the CRY ROOM. You may also  scheduled by appointment with Fr. Andrew (Fr.Andrew@saintmaryhc.org).

~ If you need to come to the parish office, please contact Fr. Andrew or staff ahead of time to be sure someone is here, or make an appointment. Phone messages and email are checked frequently.  

~We continue to communicate through email, our website and our facebook page.

Click here to find out how to make a cloth face covering. 



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