We Are Here to Help! 

If you are, or someone you know is, in need of assistance due to restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic, please contact the parish office. We will do our best to match your needs to our resources. Also, if you are willing to help in some way, please email Barb. 


Stations of the Cross were videoed at 

St. Mary so you have the opportunity 

to pray them at home.

https://youtu.be/l-NtqZUF9uo    Part 1

https://youtu.be/orQBcb1yib8      Part 2

Click here to find out how to make a cloth covering for your face. 

From Fr. Andrew:     

          Greetings, again, everyone.  In a couple days it will already be Palm Sunday and of course Easter is about a week away.  Has anyone else's sense of time been skewed? Kids are not in school. Some of you are working from home.  Today, a few days into April, we experience a blast of winter weather. All these changes seemed to come on so quickly.  In what might seem like a chaotic time, we are humiliated and built up, both of which are wonderful when they are centered on God.  On one hand, we realize how fickle and in need of Him we are. On the other, we also realize of what we are capable with faith from Him.

Palms will be blessed Sunday morning and made available for a few days in the church at St. Mary.  Be respectful of the distancing mandate.

Please read the additional news in the bulletin (link below). A few paper copies are also available on the table under the bulletin board at St. Mary.

Be well and God bless.                                 


The link below leads to the diocesan website and Bishop Joensen's communication about the virus and a lot of other information. 


Holy Mary, Comfort of Sick. Pray for Us. 

Although we are not able to gather as a parish community here at St. Mary-Holy Cross, we will communicate through email, our website and our facebook page. If you have not already, please provide your email to Barb to receive updates from us as well as from Bishop Joensen.

~ St. Mary’s Church will be open for private prayer from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday - Friday and from 10:00am to 8:00pm Saturday & Sunday.

~ Fr. Andrew will privately celebrate daily Mass and offer the Mass intention for the day. These Masses are not open to the public.

~ Private, one-on-one confession can be scheduled by appointment with Fr. Andrew (Fr.Andrew@saintmaryhc.org).

~ All Religious Education classes, Preschool through 12th Grade are cancelled until April 14.

~ If it is necessary for you to come to the parish office, please contact Fr. Andrew or staff ahead of time to be sure someone is here, or make an appointment. Phone messages and email will be checked frequently, even when staff is not in the office, and your messages will be returned. 



Our two churches, 
located in rural Northern Polk County,
bring together members from
13 school districts and 23 communities
to pray, serve, minister, socialize,
and grow in our Catholic Faith. 

Please join us!