Scripture and Prayer


Advent Reflection Resources


You have various booklets to choose from! Determine ahead of time which might be best for you or your family by reading the following brief descriptions. Booklets will be available next weekend.


Prepare the Way of the Lord: The author beautifully explains that Advent isn’t an isolated season, but a time to realize that God is with us 365 days a year.


Peace on Earth: Guide your family through a peace-filled Advent, fostering love for one another and encouraging peace in the world. Let us look to Jesus in the manger and open our hearts to receive the peace that only He can give.

Jesus, Open Our Hearts! Children can prepare for Jesus’ coming by coloring ornaments on a Christmas tree as they complete the prayerful and caring activities each day.

Little Blue Book: Six-minute reflections from the Gospel of Luke, a little bit at a time and a variety of thoughts about the Advent and Christmas seasons, feasts, and various traditions and customs.


The Word Among Us: Offers daily meditations and inspirational stories with the theme “Journeying Through Advent With Mary” and special features about John the Baptist and St. Francis of Assisi.



Pope Francis: “I ask parish communities, associations, and the many prayer groups present in the Church, not to yield to discouragement but to continue praying that the Lord will send workers into his harvest. May he give us priests and religious enamored of the Gospel, close to all their brothers and sisters living signs of God’s merciful love.” 

For Mother Teresa, Jesus and his sacrifice were the very heart of her life and mission.  She had the courage to show the world “the real face of Jesus” the one who walked among the lepers, prostitutes, and outcasts.  The Jesus who healed the sick and gave the disheartened hope, the one who stood up to injustice and hatred and who countered hate with love every time.  Her legacy, as recognized in her canonization, is having made Jesus real to everyone who met her.  A brochure is available in the vestibule if you would like more information on Saint Teresa of Calcutta.