October 31 & November 7, 2021 Bulletin

Practice or The Game? 

   While visiting with my friend Angie a while ago, she shared a conversation she had with her three sport loving boys while driving one day.  

   I asked my boys, "What do you think is more important, the practice or the game?"

   Like normal I ask a question and I get three different answers! "the game"..."the practices"..."both are important." "Why?" I asked. "The game is important because that is the whole point", our oldest says. Next chimes in our youngest, "the practices are more important because that is where you learn." Our middle son says with the most confidence "It's both! The practices are important because if you don't practice, you won't know how to play the game. But, the game is a little more important because that is what it is all for!"

   So, I asked, "Would you go to a game if you had never gone to practice?" "No way!"..."How would we know what to do?"…"How would we know who was on our team?" "What if you went to every practice and then it was time for your game and we were too busy to go? Or just too tired?" They laugh, "That's crazy!"..."Why would we skip the game?"..."Why would you say that?"

   "Well...think of church on Sunday as the game and our Wednesday atrium as the practice. Each week we go to the atrium and we practice. We learn the parts of mass and what they mean, we learn how to sit quietly and listen to God, we learn about Jesus and how he loves and calls us and we meet our friends and catechists so we know who is on our team. If we miss Atrium, we miss all that. Then each Sunday we have our big game. We go early to prepare for the game by calming our minds, we say hi to all our teammates and we participate by listening, singing and receiving the sacrament. If we miss Church, it's like missing the big game.  There was a pause of silence and I prayed this message went deep in their hearts."

   As she shared this with me, I couldn’t help but think about how adults need practices too.  We need time to grow, learn, pray, and build our community “team”.  Jesus is always waiting for us in the church on Wednesday nights for Mass, “a game” and Adoration, “a practice”.  

                 ~  Tracy Miller (co-coordinator of pre-school through 6th grade religious education) 

December 15, 2019 Bulletin

Dear Friends in Christ,

     In Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) we often quote the beautiful response of the Missionaries of Charity when they were asked why they chose to implement CGS in their homes and in the formation of their sisters. “Because of the element of contemplation."  In the atrium, we don’t tell children it’s time to contemplate scripture or make them sit in silence.  We proclaim the word to them and give them time and materials in order to go deeper. Sometimes it will happen that a whole atrium will fall into a concentrated silence, and the catechists look at each other and sit down carefully and quietly so as not to break it!  Other times, the children seem to "take turns" at being absorbed in thought, while others give the catechists a run for their money.  But ultimately when given this time over many weeks we see the fruit of this work and what joy it brings to the child deepening their relationship with God.

     This time of year is so busy with activities, gatherings, and running that sometimes we forget to take a deep breath and truly see the beauty Advent provides to us.  As we enter the 3rd week of Advent, the week of joy, I encourage you to take time to slow down, read the scriptures, allow yourself time to contemplate what the Lord is speaking to you, and truly become like a child with joy in anticipation of the birth of Christ.

                                             ~ Tracy Miller, Co-coordinator, Preschool-6th grade Religious Education