Mass and Reconciliation

Weekend Masses  

Saturday, 5:00pm, St. Mary's Church, Elkhart   

Sunday, 8:00am, Holy Cross Church, Rural Maxwell

Sunday, 10:00am, St. Mary's Church, Elkhart    

                                            Weekday Masses 
  --See special Mass times for Holy Day Masses, Dec. 7/8.
Wednesdays, 5:30pm, Holy Cross Church, Rural Maxwell
Thursdays, 8:00am, St. Mary's Church, Elkhart


 Saturdays, 4:00-4:30pm 

Advent Reconciliation Service


You are invited to celebrate God’s love and forgiveness at our Advent Reconciliation Service on Sunday, December 18, 2:00pm at St. Mary. We will have additional priests here to assist with individual confession. 

St. Mary’s Church Accessibility 

There has been some mischievousness around St. Mary’s lately so the church will now be locked when the last staff member leaves for the day. This will generally be around 4:00pm; but there will be exceptions, so please call the office to be sure someone is here before stopping by in the afternoon. On the weekends, the building will be open closer to Mass time and then locked after Mass unless we have an event following Mass.


If you need in the church at other times, please contact the office so arrangements can be made.



Distribution of the Precious Blood at Mass

Bishop Joensen has stated that parishes are permitted to resume distributing the Precious Blood to the faithful, this is s not a mandate; each parish can decide on their own when to resume this. Our parish will need two extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist for each Mass at St. Mary; and one additional minister at Holy Cross. Fr. Amadeo, our Administrator, directed that once we have enough ministers for this, we may resume distribution of the Precious Blood. If you are interested in being a minister of the Eucharist please contact the office and when there are enough volunteers for all Masses, we will resume the distribution of the Precious Blood.