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Christ Our Life Catholic Regional Conference 

Save The Date! September 26/27, 2020, Wells Fargo Arena

Hear world class speakers, celebrate Mass among thousands, fill your spirit with music, attend reconciliation, visit Jesus in adoration and feel your soul rejoice. To learn more, contact our parish "Go To" folks: Heidi Ackerman, 641-203-5322 / or Dona Cowman, 515-383-4482 /


Advent Reflection Resources


We have various booklets for you and your family’s use during Advent; a time of looking forward and waiting for something greater; both for the annual celebration of the event of Christ's birth, and Christ’s second coming. A description of each is below. You’ll find them in the vestibule.


Understanding Advent: This booklet is designed for anyone who may benefit from a fuller understanding of the meaning of Advent. Including historical background on the season along with an overview of its symbols, prayers and rituals, this diverse resource will help Catholics understand the Church's celebration of "God’s time" through the liturgical calendar and the special place of Advent in the Church Year.


The Magnificat: This page-a-day resource helps you prepare your heart for the spiritual renewal of Advent. Inspiration abounds throughout its pages, featuring original essays and meditations on the daily Gospel.


Little Blue Book: One page will walk you through Matthew’s Gospel, a few verses at a time with explanations and reflections along the way; you will also read about angels. The other page is a variety of thoughts about the Advent and Christmas seasons, the feast of the day, and various traditions and customs. Simply let God speak to you through the words, guiding you to reflections that sometimes seem to come from nowhere. It can change your day...change your life.


You Are Near! Advent is the time to prepare for the Christmas celebration of Christ's presence with us. We reflect back on His coming at the first Christmas, and look forward to His second coming at the end of time, we watch and wait because we believe that He is also with us right now. Use this booklet to spend time each day with Christ during Advents; there is a prayer chosen from one of the saints--persons who like us wanted to grow in their relationship with Christ by spending time with Him--and a verse from Scripture to invite you to discover Christ alive and eager to be in a relationship with you.


The Word Among Us: Daily meditations, inspirational stories with the theme “Come, Let Us Adore Him”. Be eager like the shepherds who heard “good news of great joy”. Be humble, like the Magi, who “were overjoyed” and who “did him homage”. Be trusting like Mary who said, “May it be done according to your word”. With special features about Saint Stephen, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and being Pro-Life.


Booklets For Children:

God Is With Us, Advent Chain Booklet: An Advent Chain is a way of counting the days until Christmas...but this Advent Chain does much more! Each day a person, place or event is presented from the Nativity story. There is an activity, puzzle or thought for the day plus a Bible verse that complements the theme of the day. Each day a strip of the page is trimmed to continue building the chain.

Holy Friends of Jesus, Saints of the Advent Season:

"Saints" are persons who help us know how loving Jesus can change our lives. These men and women we remember during Advent were just like us, but when they learned about Jesus, they wanted to be like him. In this booklet, children learn about the 15 saints that the Church celebrates during the Advent/Christmas season. A colorful illustration, brief biography and a thought starter question highlight each saint.



For Mother Teresa, Jesus and his sacrifice were the very heart of her life and mission.  She had the courage to show the world “the real face of Jesus” the one who walked among the lepers, prostitutes, and outcasts.  The Jesus who healed the sick and gave the disheartened hope, the one who stood up to injustice and hatred and who countered hate with love every time.  Her legacy, as recognized in her canonization, is having made Jesus real to everyone who met her.  A brochure is available in the vestibule if you would like more information on Saint Teresa of Calcutta.