Adult Faith Sharing

 Parent Group

Parents, please join us during the 6:30pm Religious Ed session each week as we grow in our own faith and support each other as we work to create strong Catholic values in our homes. Please know that our topics will be chosen based on the requests of the group. We will meet in the Conference Room in the Office area. If you have any questions please reach out to Michele Hand at 515-460-0239. All are welcome to join at any time; see you Wednesday!

For Mother Teresa, Jesus and his sacrifice were the very heart of her life and mission.  She had the courage to show the world “the real face of Jesus” the one who walked among the lepers, prostitutes, and outcasts.  The Jesus who healed the sick and gave the disheartened hope, the one who stood up to injustice and hatred and who countered hate with love every time.  Her legacy, as recognized in her canonization, is having made Jesus real to everyone who met her.  A brochure is available in the vestibule if you would like more information on Saint Teresa of Calcutta.