Adult Faith Sharing

Christ Our Life Catholic Regional Conference 

 September 26/27, 2020, Wells Fargo Arena

We are happy to inform you that the conference will proceed as planned Saturday & Sunday, September 26 & 27 at Wells Fargo Arena, with some exciting additions. Further information and guidelines will be announced soon.  Thank you for your continued support of this great biennial event!


Hear world class speakers, celebrate Mass among thousands, fill your spirit with music, attend reconciliation, visit Jesus in adoration and feel your soul rejoice. To learn more, contact our parish "Go To" folks: Heidi Ackerman, 641-203-5322 / or Dona Cowman, 515-383-4482 /


For Mother Teresa, Jesus and his sacrifice were the very heart of her life and mission.  She had the courage to show the world “the real face of Jesus” the one who walked among the lepers, prostitutes, and outcasts.  The Jesus who healed the sick and gave the disheartened hope, the one who stood up to injustice and hatred and who countered hate with love every time.  Her legacy, as recognized in her canonization, is having made Jesus real to everyone who met her.  A brochure is available in the vestibule if you would like more information on Saint Teresa of Calcutta.