No Clothing Drive This Spring, But….

Our Youth attending the Steubenville Retreat this summer will be having a garage sale to help offset costs of the retreat. So keep them in mind as you do your spring cleaning. Collection of items begin in June.


Outdoor Pancakes at Holy Cross


Please join us for pancakes outside after the 8:00am Mass at Holy Cross on Sunday, May 27, hosted by the Knights of Columbus.


The Gift of Life!! 


Our Blood Drive is Thursday, May 31 from 3:00 to 7:00pm in the Social Hall. Bring your friends!! Please make your vital donation of life saving blood!  An appointment sign up sheet is in the vestibule or you may contact Tim and Lisa Kautza, 515-964-7687 /, to make an appointment. Please give your email address as well so a reminder can be sent. Please also let Tim and Lisa know if you are able to assist with set up, tear down and/or help during the drive.



You are invited to this party during wine & cheese on Saturday, June 2 and during coffee & donuts on Sunday, June 3.  Your family will select a rock and paint a picture on it, write your favorite bible verse, or just paint your name on it.  The rocks will be used to beautify the border around our trees, and along our newly planted community garden.  If you cannot attend that weekend, you are welcome to take a rock home and send it back with your wonderful creation on it!  Please contact a member of the Stewardship Committee with questions.  



Accountability Partners 

Do you have goals you would like to achieve and need some motivation to help you get there? Spiritual, emotional, religious, or physical goals?  Try an accountability partner! Sometimes all we need is a little support! We will meet as a large group on Monday, June 4, 6:00pm at St. Mary. If you’ve already chosen a partner, that’s great! Please attend the meeting together. If you haven’t, please come to the meeting and be paired up with someone. Please contact Nicole Cory with any questions, or 515-313-3014. 


Cleaning The Rectory 

We will be needing assistance in cleaning the rectory. Tentative time frame is July 6 - 11. We will be asking for one or two people to sign up per room to do a deep clean. This can be done during the day or in the evening. A sign up will be available in June.


The Blessing Box Needs 

The Blessing Box provides food to more than 30 families monthly and is open three times each month, 9:30–10:30am on the first Saturday; and 6:00–7:00pm on the second and fourth Thursdays.  Most needed:  Peanut Butter, jelly and canned meats.  On-going food needs are canned meats, breakfast cereals, low sodium canned vegetables and soups, and low sugar canned fruits.  Consider holiday meal foods, too. Food donations can be delivered to the Pantry when open at the Elkhart Christian Church or be placed in the collection box near our Parish Office. Tax-deductible donations can be made payable to The Blessing Box, c/o Elkhart Christian Church, P.O. Box 97, Elkhart, IA 50073.  

2018 Annual Diocesan Appeal 

Please prayerfully consider what you are able to give to this Appeal. Pledge cards are available in the pews and can be returned in the collection basket at Mass or to the parish office, or you may donate on the Diocesan website: Everyone’s participation is need! Thank you.


              Parish Goal             Pledge                Total Payments                Balance Due

                                                                                     $ 53,806             $ 32,675                $ 29,768.75                       $ 24,037.25 

Sharing God’s Gifts Diocesan Campaign

Thank you for your continued support; we appreciate your timely payments for this Campaign.

 Pledged                  Payments                   Balance Due              SMHC Received   

                                                                 $443,909.35          $406,450.85             $37,458.50                    $197,225.43