Weekend Masses

Saturday, 5:00pm, St. Mary's Church, Elkhart

Sunday, 8:00am, Holy Cross Church, rural Maxwell

Sunday, 10:00am, St. Mary's Church, Elkhart 

Feast of All Saints, Holy Day of Obligation

Wednesday, Nov. 1st

6;30pm Mass at St. Mary


Weekday Masses

Wednesday, 5:30pm, Holy Cross Church, rural Maxwell 

Thursday, 8:00am, St. Mary's Church, Elkhart 

First Friday, 8:00am, St. Mary's Church, Elkhart 


4:00 to 4:30pm, St. Mary's Church, Elkhart  

        --or by appointment with  Rev. Daniel Krettek, Pastor

If you are traveling,  MassTimess.org lists Catholic Churches throughout the United States and their Mass schedule or call 1-858-207-6277 and enter the zip code  of the desired location and you will receive a computer-generated response that gives Church locations and Mass times.